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I would strongly recommend John Campbell without hesitation to anyone interested in either buying or selling property. His professionalism, knowledge, and overall attention to detail were exemplary.

5 user6594616

John did an excellent job in helping us buying the property. He is one of the a few best brokers we have ever met. The most impressive factors about John are his sound knowledge in this area, his prompt response of every question we had and his going into very detail in everything. All of those are especially important for a customer like me to buy property which exactly fits us.

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I wouldn’t trust my rental to anyone other than John Campbell

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I would definitely recommend John Campbell with no hesitation to anyone either selling or buying a house. He’s an excellent real estate agent, very professional and knowledgeable.


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John has great insight, and is extremely knowledgeable about the local and national real estate market and trends, and, he is an expert negotiator. As my Broker, he helped me through my purchase every step of the way and explained the impact each decision I made might have. He really took the time to educate me, and I am better for it.

5 user9814227

From the first day I called and met John, It was indeed a great experience for me. I was totally new at the United States and the way he approached towards arranging the housing for me and my wife was really excellent. Whenever I send one email to him, I get reply within a few minutes with positive response. I believe, he manages his profession in a beautiful manner which comes out as a result of being a good human being on top of everything. I wish him every success in his life.

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John was very helpful in with my commercial property , the last thing i needed was to be in a stressful atmosphere, John handled things in a impressive and timeful manner, i would call on him again for any of my real estate needs, great person to work with!!! Lewis Zafferes

5 user0883954

I met John after about a month of looking for apartments in the Cambridge/Somerville area. I was very frustrated and disappointed at how so many realtors did not care about what I wanted but were only interested in closing quickly. In some cases I did not even get to explain what I was looking for. John took the time to show me the apartment and answered to all my questions, I never felt that he was trying to sell me anything. He was very helpful and I knew that I was getting a fair deal with him. I’m for sure using his services from now on when I look for a new place.

5 user9498382

John is an oustanding Realator. He is knowledgeable and very helpful.

Since my close I have had issues resolving with my condominium and John stepped up to the plate to help when he had a minimal obligation. I would continue to recommend him to neighbors and folks who come to our neighborhood and ask for rental units.

I would also ask that John manage our rental units in the future. We love John, Catherine Pariury

5 user9776633

I’ve known him for three years and if I were to look for a new office he’d be the first person I’d contact. In fact I’ve referred clients who were looking for office space to him in the past.

5 ChristopherGraefe

John Campbell succeeded in getting my company one of the best, most competitively priced office spaces in Downtown Boston right in the middle of the busy December holiday season, negotiating a lease with the landlord that had us moved into the space in less than a month from the first showing. We got exactly what we wanted at the terms we were looking for after nearly 7-8 months of working with other brokers and agents who were simply not interested in putting in the time or effort to work with us past one or two showings. John is clearly driven by getting his clients exactly what they want and need: you will not be disappointed working with him.

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John Campbell is a caring, committed professional — he wants the best for his clients and will go to any lengths to achieve good results.

I am a psychotherapist and life coach. One of my special niches is for the treatment of clutterers and hoarders. John has a client who wants to sell their home but is hampered by clutter/hoarding issue. He attempted to set up a helpful connection for the client to attend one of my clutter support groups, but they declined. They were not ready to deal with their issue.

5 JohnAwad3

John gave me the best advice in searching for a condo and in the end we sealed the deal. He has extensive knowledge of the greater boston area in which he covers and pointed me in the right direction each time. I recommended him to friends and fam

5 user3167437

John and his team continued to provide me with new listings, accompany me to open houses, schedule viewings, and place offers until I finally found and closed on my first home. His knowledge of the area and understanding of the process were very impressive.

5 blazin961

Highly knowledgeable, who knows the ins and outs of the entire process to include mortgage and closing. What most stood out to me was John’s availability and how quickly he or his staff returned calls, texts, or emails.

5 VGP100

I recently worked with John to help sell my condo. John acted exactly how I’d hope he would. He’d contact me asap with good or bad news. He worked around my schedule with whatever came up.

John was professional in every aspect of working to close the listing.

5 rtebon

Coming from CO, we had a tight time frame and did not know much about the area. We lucked out meeting John who helped us every step of the way. His knowledge of the area and what we were looking for helped make the transition go smoothly. Would not hesitate to recommend and will use again in the future!

5 sandy ggy

I am a first time home buyer. John is super patient and knowledgeable. During the home purchasing process, he is very honest with me for all the facts that may raise any concerns later. John provided me lots of resources which I needed as a first time home buyer. Now I just moved into my fantastic new home. It was a great purchase experience. You can count on him! Highly recommended! Sandy

5 fengyingS

John is very experienced and professional on selling this condominium to us. He showed the all details of this unit, where minor needs to be fixed and provided all the contractors’ contact info. Each time we want to take a look of this unit, and the inspection etc, he always be on time. He introduced the building trustee board member to us and the building management contact. His team also helped to coordinate with the closing process, reminding the mortgage and attorney offices. Thank you John!

5 patsfanforlife321

I absolutely recommend John and his team without hesitation. Before contacting John, I pretty much gave up trying to locate an investment property on my own. John carefully guided me each step of the way from the initial phone call until I received the keys to the property I purchased. He even provided me with a list of solid local contractors and has overall been an invaluable resource to me after the sale. It was clear to me that John and his people knew what they were doing and had the local Boston real estate market dialed like you read about. Other agents I had contacted and attempted to work with seemed only concerned with their commission check. John always picked up the phone when I called and quickly returned all of my emails and texts. I experienced an overall sense of calmness that I did not feel working alone or with other agents. Don’t look any further, John and his team have your back.

5 nkgraves25

In the above categories, John is definitely 5 stars. He clearly takes his job very seriously and loves it, and we got an apartment we love in a timely manner and at an amazing price. He pushed to get us the apartment. We had a move in day of Sunday the 1st, when the management office was closed, and he pushed to get us the keys early. My one complaint about my interactions with John is his approach. He has a very strong, overwhelming, and at times unprofessional style of interaction that makes me personally very uncomfortable. If this is your experience with him, my advice is to stick with it. At the end of the day, he got us into a home we love.

5 zuser20160123070342217

John gets the job done well and on time. He’ll work on your behalf, and we’ve been very happy with our apartment. I think it’s important to know if you’ll be working with him that he can come across rather intense – but as long as that intensity is channeled into the job it seems to work.

1 jasperyonker

This broker reached out to me to show my apartment 12 hours in advance. I replied and asked him to give me 24 hours notice in the future and coordinate with my availability. His response was, “Reasonable notice by law in the state of Massachusetts does not require me to give you 24 hours notice. If you have any problems with it, I will refer you to my lawyer” and “Your availability? Fortunately? Brush up on Massachusetts State law and look at your lease. If you want to go rely on urban legend, make it your business not mine.”- completely unwarranted. After stating that MA law requires a “mutually convenient time” he replied with “You do it your way, I will do it my way. I will rent your place last…Awesome link, why don’t you just contact them directly? We can have a good old fashion wingding…” and “I could care less what you think of me, I am professional and operating within the confines of the law. Reasonable notice of showing in the state of Massachusetts is not what you think so please don’t send me any more cute links.” All of this because I simply asked for 24 hours notice and to coordinate with my availability. You be the judge, but I would highly suggest staying away from this broker. He is clearly extremely unprofessional, aggressive and irrational.

1 zuser20150518075559800

Just had the worst experience with this man. If you see Boston Area Home Search as the broker… run FAR in the other direction. Don’t plan on asking any questions about your money… You will be told you are not classy or even a hobo! Tried renting an apartment but of course theres a broker involved.. even though I found the place! Nothing was clear from the start, we were told our move in date was fine, then told we need to move up to secure it (even though the listing said posted 68 days ago). We were told many different amounts of checks to provide. We were moving in mid month (to secure the place, we’re told) and then were told we need to pay full month because it’s just classy to, even though it should be prorated. So when I called him out he said okay no just bring one check then. All in all, he is just downright rude. I would I could attached email images of his conversation with me, but here’s a snippet: “No, I am actually quite lucid. Clarified nothing, it is what it is. Do you realize you’re not even being asked to leave a last months rent? Of course you don’t. First months rent and security deposit is the cheapest move-in amount I have ever heard of. And you are taking the route of prorating the first months rent instead of recognizing the fact that there aren’t even asking you to leave a last month’s rent like some hobo. I hate last months rent but it now has become standard in the industry. Keep in mind my fee has nothing to do with it. I am an expert ombudsman, if the rare occurrence arises where there are problems between tenant and management. Where my input is needed. My fee goes well beyond the initial rental. I turned this around professionally and by the book. I’ve been doing rentals for 30 years and nobody comes close to procuring the tenant mixes I do. I’m kinda sorta at the top of the pecking order at this stage of the game so that is my reference to the hamburger place.” Deal with anyone except him!

1 Kevin1234567890

Horrible experience with John. If you’re looking for a realtor to bring a degree of calmness and clarity to the home buying experience, you should hard pass on John. John and his partner Katy certainly seem knowledgable about the Boston real estate market and they are responsive to calls. That said, they are disastrously combative with YOU the homebuyer (this is the exact opposite experience one wants when looking to buy, especially for the first time). Don’t feel comfortable asking John any questions about the property or the market without expecting he will be condescending and offensive to you in response. Really, this alone is a deal breaker. Don’t ever mention you have humans in your life that you speak with about big decisions or John and Katy will be incapable of absorbing the simple answer, “No”, when they ask you if there are any other decision makers. Honestly, this was laughable; it actually felt like a prank at times. The sad truth is that it wasn’t… Would love to share details, texts, etc. if you want evidence. It was a mockery. Maybe John and Katy are nice people outside of their profession. Perhaps they are just going through something difficult personally right now. But none of that excuses their actions/comments/fabrications during my brief process with them. That is why I had to write a review. If you’re like me and think your realtor should be stable and non-combative (with you), I very seriously suggest you skip past John and Katy quickly.

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